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Pastured chicken and turkey

We are proud to offer humanely raised pastured poultry. Our chicks and poults are raised in a warm box with temperatures specific to best growing conditions. They have free choice unmedicated feed and clean water. 

Once they are old enough, we move them outside into our 'chicken tractor' - a large movable chicken run. We move them onto fresh grass once or twice a day, depending on age. This gives the chickens and turkeys an opportunity to scratch for bugs, get fresh air, eat grass and just 'be' chickens and turkeys. 

It also keeps them safe from flying predators and the coyotes that like to roam our property.

We put in roosts, troughs and an automatic waterer. We feed them vegetable scraps from our kitchen - reducing the amount of waste we produce!

We are proud of the work we have put in to raise outdoor poultry. Our customers say our chickens are larger, have less fat and more meat. 

Grassfed lamb, lamb, meat, local, humane, pastured, ethical, leduc county, alberta, yeg

Grass and grain fed lamb

Our lamb is raised on pasture in summer and moved to paddocks closer to home with barn access in winter. 

In winter, we feed a free choice high quality hay and grain supplement to ensure the ewes and lambs well being. They have access to a barn and always have access to large paddocks and fresh water. 

Slow fed, with no added growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.  

You won't be disappointed with our lamb. 

Heritage pork, pastured pork, humane, sustainable, meat, local, alberta, leduc county, yeg, ethical

berkshire pork

Available winter 2020


coming soon. Grassfed and finished lamb

We are excited to announce that we are now owners of a flock of Black Welsh Mountain Sheep.  These will be entirely grassfed and finished.  A smaller breed then the suffolk crosses we have now, they take a much longer time to reach a harvesting weight, but you are rewarded with a flavor that is unparalleled to other lamb. The lamb chops have been compared to a high quality steak, with beautiful marbling. 

We are proud to continue the lineage of this Heritage Breed. It is currently listed as threatened on the Livestock Conservancy Website. It is our hope that by promoting awareness of the fantastic qualities the Black Welsh Mountain offers, we can take this breed into safe status. 

Our ewes and rams will be registered with the American Black Welsh Association,  Please keep an eye out for when we have fleeces and wool available!