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Local AG more then ever


farmers supporting families

In 2020, we are being faced with a crisis like non of us ever imagined, beyond watching Contagion on Netflix (I know this isn't just me)  

Now is the time to support your local farmer. The small scale farmer can help you fill your freezer without ever having to go to the store. Many of us will offer no contact delivery, etransfers, etc. I am willing to work with customers to meet their current needs, as are many other local farmers.  

We will have lamb available in May, and currently I can offer chicken and duck eggs on par with what you would pay at the store for free range eggs, except these are truly free range. 

A quick search on social media will show you all the local farmers in your area, which will allow you to purchase many of your goods, from fresh veggies, grass fed or grain fed meats, flowers, all the way to items like wool dryer balls or seeds for planting. We're out there! Just take a look! Support local, we are vital during times of crisis. 

Currently our available pork is spoken for, but if anything changes I will post on social media. 

Don't forget about the small farm when life returns to normal. People who buy direct from the farm aren't scrambling to beat everyone to the back of Costco. 

From our farm and family to yours, stay safe and stay home.